Educare (ages 2-5)

ece-enews-banner-01We are excited to announce that Playtopia opened an Educare facility for children aged 2-5 on the 5th December 2016. We are running this next to our OSCAR programmes for ages 5-13 although they will be in a separate area upstairs  (The two age groups won’t mix).

Playtopia Educare is licensed by the Mininstry of education for 52 children between the ages of 2 – 5 years old, this means your child will never be cramped for space and can burn of all their energy here even when it’s raining. We provide more than five times the required indoor space per child. We have a lovely outdoor area for the little ones of 260 square meters, more than double the minimum required space. This includes a sandpit, water play, ball play, a bike area, a barked area with climbing equipment. Indoors we have specialty stations, 100 square meters is covered with soft matting for balance and play.

We believe having both offerings (OSCAR and ECE) will make it easier for parents who have children in both age groups and being able to drop off and pick up at one location. It also makes it easier for children to transition from Educare in to after school care coming into an already trusted environment where they know the staff etc. At Playtopia children come first.

For more information on prices and times, click here.

We are currently looking at extending our opening days to include Weekends. Please click here to complete the survey to express your interest.


Our Philosophy

The early childhood years have a large influence on a child’s learning potential and ongoing intellectual, physical, emotional and social development.

At Playtopia Educare, children have the opportunity to play, learn, explore and grow through free play and structured experiences.

Children are competent and confident learners, through this we encourage children to learn and develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment.

Starting school is an important time in a child’s life. We don’t view transition from early childhood education to school as a one-off event but rather as a process where children confidently settle into a continuous pathway of learning

Playtopia Educare welcomes all cultures in our community giving all children and families a sense of belonging within our environment.

Quality Staff

Playtopia Educare centre is privately owned, ensuring an accessible, open relationship between management and parents or caregivers. Each staff member is carefully selected to ensure the best possible person is chosen for every available position.

Staff are supported with ongoing professional development courses and in-house training, this means your child has access to the most advanced teaching techniques and learning opportunities. All our staff are Qualified and registered teachers and we maintain excellent staff-child ratios to give you the comfort that your child is always receiving the very best care, attention and comfort.

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Family Play area Hungry Catepillar art easel playdough messy play 1 outside messy sand and water play messy play Balance lunch time Science Experiment Learning Time sandpit play