Dragon Story

In the magical land of Playtopia, live mysterious colourful creatures, some with three heads, some with four eyes, and other crazy features.

It is said the creatures have long swiping tales, pointy teeth and long scratchy nails.

Not many people dare to enter the land, not many feel that brave..
because in order to enter, you must first go through a creatures cave.

But for those who do not fear, will find a land of pleasure,
as the land only inhabited by dragons has many abandoned castles and is said to have a treasure…

In the magical land of Playtopia, you can find a forest of purple trees.

Treelo-doorThis forest is home to a dragon, and from the highest trees he sees.

This dragon’s name is Treelo, and he can see in all directions.

He has six eyes, three noses, all attached to one pair of shoulders,

I am sure by now you will have guessed, yes, Treelo the dragon has three heads!

With three brains, he is also quite clever, other dragons come to him for advice.

Treelo does not mind helping, but everything he feels, has a price.

If you want to ask Treelo a question, be sure to bring him apple pie,

otherwise you cannot be sure if he is telling you the truth or a lie..

Plutus-doorIn the blue castle across from the pink river, you should visit the royal kitchen hall,

stocked full of lollies, cookies and cakes, and homemade butter balls.

But a warning is in place, for things tend to go missing, especially yummy food.

You see, the blue castle is home to a dragon called Plutus, and he can be quite rude!

Plutus likes all the food for himself, he does not like to share.

He can make himself invisible and steal your food, while you are unaware.

Passed the royal kitchen hall, head down to the towers to find a secret castle door.

Instead of going up, look to go down to the dungeon, below the castles floor.

If you wish to see a treasure with lots of sparkling gold, this is where you will find it, but if you think you can take it, behold.

sparky-doorIn the dungeon lives a dragon named Sparky, and he can breathe out fire!

The young dragon loves to practice, and he will show you what he has in store.

In fact he has been breathing fire so much, the gold has melted onto the dungeon floor!

Once through the cave, all that’s needed is a smile and a true sense of bravery and adventure,

Join the many dragons who love to play, at Playtopia Playland and Café.