Dream Theme Party

dinosaur roomk set up (2000x1358)The Dream Theme party at Playtopa is the ultimate choice of birthdays! Make this a birthday all your guests will remember! A fully equipped adventure playground, dream theme decorating, lot’s of yummy party treats and an added activity of your choice.

This package costs $439 (extra child $30) and includes the following:

  • Birthday child + 7 guests (adults attending are free)
  • The ultimate theme choice, based your child’s favourite movie, animal or fairy tale. It’s your child’s dream party and we will do our best to make it happen!
  • 2.5 hours party room hire (10.30am—1pm or 2.30pm—5pm) includes unlimited playland access
  • Balloons, plates, party throne, table cloths, centre piece and room decorations based on your chosen theme
  • Birthday gift and a free return pass for the birthday child
  • Balloon & Playtopia wrist band for each child
  • Loot bags (incl. 5 toys per bag and a mix of lollies)
  • Birthday Fun Activity (choose one option from the below):
    Option 1: party games: pass the parcel and pin the tail.
    Option 2: Make over station: we provide the products and guests get to makeover one another.
  • Playtopia Premium Party Food:
    – A lolly party favor per child
    – potato crisps and a mix of lollies and popcorn
    – hot chips & sauce
    – fruit platter
    – shape cut sandwiches (nutella or vegemite topping)
    – Plus pick one meaty snack for the table: nuggets, hot dogs, fish bites or chicken kebabs
    – Choose one drink: juice/ water or fizzy
    – 1 x adult food platter (choice of Fisherman’s platter or nibbles platter)
    – Include two options from the add on menu below
    Add on menu (optional): crackers or vegies and dip, sausage rolls, cheerio sausages, pizza slice ($1.50 per child per item), personalised birthday cake ($45).Party extras (optional):
    • Add deluxe face painting by a professional (1 hour) $130
    (subject to availability)

Please share a great photo and memory of the party you hosted at Playtopia, tag your friends that were at the party and win a free child entry!